News Release

CARBON TAXES and Related Government Imposed Energy Consumption Fees
The application of carbon fees and related taxes imposed by the Provinces of British Columbia and Newfoundland, and soon to be imposed by various other Provincial governments including Ontario, and Alberta, will have a material effect on our business. These cost inputs, as directed by the Federal Government, will have a substantial impact on all industry sectors.

Clarke Warehousing and Distribution
We are pleased to announce that Axiom Warehousing, a former division of QuikX Transportation has been transitioned to the Clarke Freight Transportation Group and will be operating as Clarke Warehousing and Distribution (CWD).

Clarke Transport is taking delivery of 100 new 53' heated containers
Clarke Transport is taking delivery of 100 new 53' heated containers. These units replace existing units which are being retired, and add additional capacity. The 264 unit heated fleet has an average age of 2.9 years, one of the newest and largest fleets in the industry. This allows us to provide consistent heated service in the coming winter season and beyond. For more information on our Heated Service options, please contact your sales representative or call 1-888-4 CLARKE.


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